Carrie and Terence

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Our Story

Our story began with an email and then almost didn’t happen (more on that later).

While working in the same department but on different sides of the country (Carrie in Beverly Hills and Terence in New York), Carrie casually mentioned in between work emails that she would be in New York to see her sister that upcoming weekend and Terence replied with something like “Awesome! Come by, I’ll give you an office tour!”

Carrie arrived in New York on Thursday and had a full night out with her sister - from dinner to multiple bars - getting a full taste of “the city that never sleeps”.

This is where the story almost stopped. The next morning, Carrie was slightly unwell (read: massively hungover) and debated bailing on the office tour and telling Terence she’d see him another time but eventually decided against it for fear of seeming unprofessional and for the fact that there would be no other time since she was leaving first thing on Monday.

Never having seen each other prior to this first meeting, Carrie was shocked that Terence, the person she had been emailing back and forth for months, was handsome (!), charming, and fun. Before leaving the office, Carrie told Terence “you should come out with us this weekend!” and Terence said something non-committal like “for sure!” and they exchanged numbers.

Flash forward through the rest of the weekend, Terence met Carrie and her sister out on both Friday and Saturday and instantly felt like something special was happening between them. During Carrie’s last night on Sunday, she told Terence he should come to LA next, to which he literally responded “what if I don’t?” and Carrie literally responded “well, then I guess I’ll never see you again!”. They laughed and it was left at that… until the next morning when Carrie was at the airport waiting to board her plane. A text from Terence came through with a message that said “So, I did a thing..” accompanied by a screenshot for his flight to LA booked.

3 months later, Carrie told Terence she was planning a trip with her friends to Lisbon, Portugal and asked if he’d like to join them. To Carrie’s surprise, Terence took little to no convincing and again booked a flight. A few days into exploring Lisbon’s castles, indulging in pastel de nata, and drinking copious amounts of caipiroskas, Terence and Carrie said those 3 little words (Terence said it first, but Carrie was thinking it).

After almost a year of dating long-distance, Carrie received a job offer in NY - and while she will never admit that Terence was the reason she took it, having Terence there was an added bonus for this opportunity.

By 2019, they were living together in Union Square, and in addition to eating at every restaurant possible in Manhattan (and a few in Brooklyn when Terence could convince Carrie to cross the East River), they had also traveled internationally to London and Spain, as well as many trips to Connecticut and California as they got to know each other's families.

In 2020, NYC started to lose its appeal. 2 people working remotely in a tiny 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment was challenging (Terence is loud). They jumped at the opportunity of warmer weather and more space, and by fall of 2021 they were settled in Redondo Beach, CA, just a couple miles from where Carrie grew up.

By early 2022, they were excited for the possibility of another international trip (Carrie’s favorite). With significant help from the same group of friends from their first trip, they went back to Lisbon, Portugal where Terence proposed on an overlook just above that same rooftop where they expressed their love for the first time. Neither Carrie nor Terence remember what was said during the moments of the proposal, but luckily Carrie managed to say ‘yes!’ between giggling uncontrollably and shedding a single tear. (Pics of all this in our photo album!)

Since then, they’ve been exploring the area up and down the Pacific Coast Highway also known as the South Bay of Los Angeles, or the “Beach Cities” - Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. They are excited for their family and friends to come visit this stretch of California coastline where their wedding celebrations will be held!